New collection

autumn winter 2023

New collection

Fall Winter 2023

We create handcrafted hats - handmade, with care. From the heart of Tuscany, craftsmanship in your hands.

Dare to be yourself

Country Deluxe

Wear this masterpiece of craftsmanship for enrich any dress with luxury details.

Moreover, thanks to the special water-repellent treatment ti protects from rain and snow!

Discover Country Deluxe

Limited Edition '23

dare to be yourself

Limited Edition '23

Extra luxury, extra exclusive

Limited Edition '23

special anti-rain treatment

Limited Edition '23

fine rabbit felt

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Who we are

Our story is one of romance and resilience, which is why our customers love to hear it every time...

Our history

How we work

Hatproof's philosophy responds to the hectic times and the large fast fashion industry...

Our values

Tuscan artisans since '47

Enter the laboratory

Touch all the value of craftsmanship and discover our world inside every hat.

Complete Processing
protect your hat
Hand-sewn bag

With orders of € 200 or more, you will receive the exclusive technical fabric bag free of charge!

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discover the new collection

Fall Winter

Precious materials chosen with scrupulous attention, handcrafted by our Tuscan artisans. Sartorial attention to detail and passion for Made in Italy.

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