Men's hats: which one to choose for every occasion.

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Guide to choosing men's hats: to give as gifts, to wear, to love.

La choosing the right hat for men it is not always a walk in the park, especially when we want to give a made-to-measure hat, but we don't know which model to choose.

From panama hat, fedora, Aron Trilby, until the hat for traditional men, the set of hat models for men to find your way around is really wide and varied.

It is not just a matter of choosing the right material, suitable for clothing and for the season: the hat is a unique accessory, which embodies personality, style and elegance.

The hat says a lot about the man who wears it.

This is why choosing the right one is essential.

We have created this complete guide to choosing men's hats for you, to help you find the ideal hat model for every taste and occasion of use.

Trust the competence of those who know hats. We realize custom made men's hats from 1947.

Since then, the preferences of Italians have changed over the years, but one thing will never change: buying a Made in Italy hat, the result of the experience and skill of our artisans, always remains the best choice.

For this we have decided to bring our production of Online hats and open the doors of our shop to all of Italy.

You will have the opportunity to touch the quality of our men's hats and you can choose between the most popular models ever.

Read guide on the best men's hats to buy online according to different needs and choose the perfect Made in Italy model.

Men's hats for every need: the official Hatproof Hats guide.

Choose the men's hat according to the shape of the face.

Hats for oval face? You're in luck - this face shape goes perfectly with all types of men's hats. You can then choose the model you prefer based on style, material and occasion of use.

A single precaution: choose the right size, based on the size of the face.

The elongated face has a thinner shape, which develops in length. It usually features rounded cheeks and cheekbones.

Ideal for elongated faces are the hats with a wide brim, or in any case all voluminous models, which extend in width, to give volume to the sides of the face.

Hatproof Hats recommend:

Turin: aesthetics and wearability come together in the Torino Trilby hat, ready to make aperitifs at sunset unforgettable with its romantic tobacco shades.


Vietri: comfortable and light, it is the perfect companion to enjoy a good cocktail by the sea.

How to choose the right hat Online, if I can't try it on?

When you find yourself choosing a men's hat online, perhaps for a gift, you must keep in mind a general rule that is always valid:

The wider the brim of the hat, the more it has a slimming effect on the wearer's face.

So, if the face is rounder or with a beard (which creates more volume), opt for hats with a wider brim: the "shadow" effect of the brim will help to "streamline" the face, creating the right balance of shapes.

If, on the other hand, the face is more slender, choose hats for men with a narrower brim, or classic caps.

Choose the hat according to the material.

Among the materials we treat, there are the precious 100% merino wool felt, the soft Velor felt, the elegant lapin, the versatile toppé felt, and again the straws, including the famous Ecuadorian Panama and the timeless visca straw.

How to choose between the various types of material available?

Two elements to consider:

  1. Personal tastes: Does the person you want to give the hat to already have others of the same type? Observe his personal tastes and choose the most suitable men's hat.
  2. Seasonality. For men's hats for summer-spring opt for materials such as: paper, straw or Panama. Among the materials for the winter you can choose between rabbit and felt.

An important clarification: the care of the materials is a fundamental aspect in choosing a good hat.

For this Hatproof Cappelli takes care of each model in detail, ensuring a High Quality Made in Italy product, robust and resistant.

Spring-summer men's hats

Discover the Spring-Summer 2021 Hats Collection signed Hatproof.

Choose the hat according to the occasion of use

The "Perfect hat etiquette”Follows five different lines: formal, semi-formal, casual, informal, sporty.

Among the formal hats:





Semi-formal hats:







 Casual and informal hats:









Choose the hat according to the style.

Ready for a guide to choosing the most popular hats?
Here are our workhorses. 

Trilby hat

Compared to the fedora, the Capri Panama model it has a shorter, narrower and more inclined crown. Commonly called "fedora for gentlemen”, The trilby still retains its aura of elegance, ideal for the man with a trendy and sophisticated style.

Panama hat

Among the men's hats, Panama is an institution.

More than a headdress, a real lifestyle. Model Portocervo Panama is a straw hat of Ecuadorian origin. Similar in shape to the trilby, but with proportions more similar to the classic Fedora.

Made with intertwined leaves of Carludovica palmata (a palm-like plant), the Panama hat for men is an ideal choice for one semi-formal or casual style, but with that touch of unfailing refinement for every outfit.

Bucket Dream cap

Irreverent, jaunty, perfect under the summer sun and for relaxing boat trips.
The fisherman's cap Bucket Dream signed Hatproof is available in 19 colors, one for every taste.
Choose your favorite variant and go on a first-class trip in Hatproof style.

Do you want to receive tailor-made advice?

Contact the Artisans of Hatproof Hats.

Contact us!

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