Slow Fashion: under the sign of ethical fashion.

Slow Fashion: sotto il segno di una moda etica.

Slow Fashion: ethical fashion that brings up the name of Made in Italy

Hatproof: the contemporary tradition of handmade, ethical, sustainable, 100% Slow Fashion hat

Italians are increasingly attentive to what they buy, especially when it comes to online shopping.
Know the provenance of the product and sustainability of the production process and distribution is essential to make informed choices, in the name of sustainable fashion and quality.

Show Fashion is no longer the future of fashion, but it is the present of the reality in which we live. A reality in which our choices have a very strong impact on the world around us.

For us at Hatproof, craftsmen since 1947, Made in Italy excellence has always been combined with the idea of ​​"ethical fashion".
An all-Italian dream, supported by a transparent supply chain at every stage: from the procurement of raw materials, to processing, up to distribution throughout Italy.

This is what Slow Fashion means to us.

Slow Fashion is… Transparent supply chain

Slow Fashion fashion cannot ignore one transparent supply chain.
This means that every single step of the production of our hats is traceable.
Our materials are of certified origin and the production processes promote a green approach, respecting the environment and artisanal processing methods.
The result is a High Quality Made in Italy hat, which supports the realities of the territory, to the advantage of our Italian economy.

Slow Fashion is… A hat that lives forever

In an artisan workshop, each hat is a unique piece. It embodies the care of those who made it and the endless stories of those who will wear it.
Even today, now that we have established ourselves on a national scale as Excellence in the production of hats for men and women, we make each piece with the same dedication. Quality is tangible.

In these hectic times, where the Fast Fashion industry promotes unbridled and poor quality consumerism, we want to make a difference. Our Slow Fashion hats they promote an approach based on refinement and quality, to give you a garment that lives forever.

Slow Fashion is… A family of specialized artisans

As good Italians, we know how much value lies in Family.
The most beautiful things are born from the synergy of wits that work together.
Durable, high quality, artfully decorated hats.

For four generations the Nesti-Frosini family has been carrying on a story made of craftsmanship, passion e care.
We work with respect for individuality, in an educated, human-sized environment. Man is at the center of our production. Slow Fashion, for us, is also this.

What happens when you choose a Hatproof hat?

We will tell you.
By purchasing a Hatproof hat you contribute to make a dream come true.
From the idea of ​​the designer who designed the model, to the skilful workmanship of the craftsman, who shaped the idea in his hands. Up to you who choose us, day after day.

It is your heart that makes the Dream come true.

The Dream of a sustainable, ethical, transparent fashion.
The Dream of aAll-Italian excellence, which starts from us and reaches you.

This is Hatproof's Dream.

Ready to live it?
Discover the Men's Collection of Hatproof Spring-Summer 2021 hats
Discover the Women's Spring-Summer 2021 Hatproof Hat Collection
Discover the Panama Collection of Hatproof Spring-Summer 2021 hats

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