Our History

anti virus masks


Maskproof® was born from the mission of its creators to protect their customers from the new evils of the twenty-first century.

In an increasingly interconnected and ever-changing world, our health is undermined by unprecedented enemies, such as bacteria, fine dust and pollution.

With the aim of providing the most powerful protection possible for those who choose to rely on us, we have created a product that allows us to face the challenges of everyday life by minimizing the dangers.

In achieving all this, we have decided not to give up our greatest passion: Made in Italy craftsmanship.

New challenges

The mask is no longer an accessory, but a piece of clothing indispensable to protect ourselves and others, who will accompany us in the challenge of one more world green. For this the proven effectiveness of the product Maskproof® against smog and bacteria joins its modern and impeccable design.

Craftsmen since 1947

Our company, operating since 1947 in the textile sector and always a guarantee of professionalism and competence, has decided to deliver the creation of a mask to the skilled hands of its craftsmen comfortable and effective, to be worn every day or in particular risk conditions.

Our values

Our logo represents thehelmet of Corinth, the protective bronze crest of ancient Greece that protected the warrior's head and neck. It is our aim: to equip our customers with one shield able to filter 99,997% of pathogens normally present in the open air, as well as fighting the harmful effects of factors - such as pollution and smog - with which we are forced to live together every day.