Characteristics and composition

Completely crafts,
cloth mask

Made in italy

The products Maskprooof® They are made entirely by hand by expert Italian artisans, using only reactive-sanforized cotton fabrics by high quality, with certification Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the inimitable and unrivaled style of Made in Italy.

Maskprooof® uses a pattern created ad hoc, not pre-existing on the market, which guarantees the most total wearability and adapts to all types of faces.

cloth mask

suitable for everyone

Thanks to the presence of two simple adapters, in fact, it is possible to obtain one perfect adhesion on the nose and adjust the length of the ear ties.

adjust ears

style and comfort

In this way, Maskproof® ensures the highest level of comfort to its users, who will be able to wear the mask for prolonged times without encountering unpleasant discomfort caused by other models on the market.

cloth mask

the perfect combination

Using a soft breathable fabricmoreover, it causes the mask to be delicate in contact with the face, allowing the skin to breathe and remain dry; at the same time, the presence of Activated carbon the filters are equipped with, provides adequate protection during breathing against viruses, bacteria, pollution and dirt of any kind present in the air.

cloth mask