Intended Use 😷

Maskproof® colored masks are suitable for use daily basis and multiple contexts. Their particular structure and composition ensures a protection effective in environments interior ed external.

Maskproof® protects both from risks naturally airborne, such as i allergenic pollen, both by the threats caused from pollutionsuch us fine.

Air pollution, in fact, is a dangerous conductor for old and new viruses: this means that adequate protection from pollutants also helps to promote breathing clean e healthy, protecting their own health and that of others.

Maskproof® anti virus masks are also suitable for protection against smog present onwork environment (construction sites, maintenance works), and again from passive smoke, ash, exhaust gases and germs.

Maskproof® is the perfect product for anyone living in city: try it on a scooter, by bike, when you stroll through the busy streets of the center: one better breathing improves the quality of your life!

Our cloth mask is also ideal in journey: thanks to its design comfortable, Maskproof® guarantees a high screen in open and crowded environments, indoors, on public transport, without ever giving up the comfort of a fabric soft handmade.