Florence Straw

Florence Straw is the material we love to brag about at Hatproof!

This ancient Tuscan manufacture was born in 1700, when Domenico di Sebastiano Michelacci, a man from Bologna who had moved to Tuscany, had a golden intuition: instead of continuing to produce hats with straw discarded from bread-making, he thought of sowing marzuolo wheat specifically for more refined hats!

Ancient tradition

For a long time, its manufacture was exclusive to the so-called 'trecciaiole' of Tuscany, who braided the straw during long talks in the courtyard.

Wheat plait

This is how Florence Straw was born, characterised by a tightly woven braid of wheat, which has been worked by hand with enchanting skill for over three centuries.

Today, the secret of weaving is in the skilful hands of a very few craftsmen.

We at Hatproof are honoured to collaborate with them, finishing each hat down to the smallest detail, strictly by hand in our family hat shop.

If you want to immerse yourself in the magic of this ancient Tuscan manufacture, watch the video below and treat yourself to a unique emotion!

Braid sewing
wheat plait stitching

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