100% Panama Straw

Originating from Ecuador, 'paja-toquilla' is the chicest and most elegant material for your summer hat!

Its fibres are obtained from the very young shoots and leaves of the Carludovica Palmata, a particular type of palm tree, which are then dried and woven by hand in Ecuador according to a slow and painstaking process that has been handed down from generation to generation for five centuries.

Carludovica Palmata

Prestigious and refined, the Panama's meticulous hand-weaving has earned its recognition as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The most prized variety is the one produced in Montecristi: it can take up to eight months to weave a single hat!

manual weaving
manual weaving

The charm of the Panama hat is complemented by several features that make it truly unique: light as a feather, weatherproof and breathable like no other!

The combination of original Panama and Tuscan craftsmanship gives Hatproof hats unique elegance and unmistakable style.

The authenticity of Panama is guaranteed by the internal fire stamp.

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