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Find out more about our family secret for the perfect hat: quality materials, carefully chosen and rigorously handcrafted.

Merino wool

La Merino wool it is the material we most love to use for our winter hats.

Obtained from super soft fleece of the sheep of the same name, is considered among the more valuable the world.

We at Hatproof choose it for yours amazing versatility.

This type of wool goes perfectly with hats casual and sports by adding value and value to any headdress, but also knows how to enrich with simple elegance the hats more finished.

And thanks to its dense and resistant weave, it guarantees excellent seal over time following some small precautions.

Merino wool has a feature which makes it truly unique: it is very light and, at the same time, it keeps the heat flawlessly!

Warm, enveloping, light and super comfortable.

100% Rabbit

Il superior lapin is the felt very valuable we use to make our hats more refined and elegant.

It is obtained from dense and soft rabbit fur, softly warm.

Surface delicate and waterproof makes the rabbit felt easy to clean, and this allows it to keep its intact over the years enviable class.

Breathable but resistant, heats the garment without making it sweat and is a perfect compromise between elegance and comfort.

Gives the best when worn with clothes formal, but also fits with style to the most outfits casual!

The upper rabbit felt selected by Hatproof it may be reminiscent of fine velvet to the touch, but is characterized by greater opacity and, above all, one perfect seal in the cold!

Water repellent treatment

Our special water repellent treatment makes some of the Hatproof designer hats perfectly rainproof, ideal and safe to wear in the coldest and rainiest months of the year!

Through a long and careful process, which involves the use ofvanguard, our artisans work the previously selected merino wool until it becomes 100% water repellent.

This means that your hat, even when worn on rainy days, will give you one unique protection as well as an inimitable touch of style.

The rainproof treatment allows you to wear your Hatproof hat tutti i giorni: with the sun, thanks to his breathability, and with the rain, doing slide away the droplets!

Waterproof Technical Fabric

Hatproof waterproof hats are authentic sartorial jewels which boast a flawless protection, thanks to the use of technical fabric that repels water.

The fibers of the technical fabric used constitute one dense texture which makes the passage of water very difficult, allowing it to slide to the sides instead without penetrating thoroughly.

Waterproof headgear is like this sure, resistant and highly breathable, but also comfortable and warm internally as it is lined with an enveloping micro-fleece.

The waterproof fabric allows you to show off your Hatproof hat on every occasion.

The ideal use is in city with the winter drizzle, or in mountain, with snow or light rain!


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