Officially founded in 1976, our company can boast a ten-year tradition born from the brilliant intuition of Primario Nesti. It all began in 1947.

In November of that year, my great-grandfather Primary Nesti lost his job as a metalworker due to the war.

To ensure a future for his son, my grandfather Roberto, Primario is forced to reinvent himself by starting from scratch.

A story
A Made in Italy story

Following in the footsteps of the famous Florentine straw hat tradition, Primario and Roberto debuted by producing around forty hats a day.

Over time, they specialised in new processing techniques, until they founded the historic headquarters in Campi Bisenzio (FI) in 1976 the historic headquarters in Via S. Lavagnini in Campi Bisenzio (FI).

Here, the hat factory will produce an average of one hundred thousand hats per year!

Our history.

In the sign of constant renewal, while preserving the authenticity of an enterprise born from a crazy gesture of love, the new Cappelleria led by dad Umberto moved in XNUMX to the spacious and modernised spaces of Via Alfieri.

The biggest challenge: Maskproof.

Il 2020 has put the Italian textile and manufacturing sector to the test.

After the first months of stopping, we gritted our teeth and set out together to find the best way to continue to stand by our clients.

Skill and professionalism, more than sixty years of experience in textile craftsmanship, care for fine materials...

From the union of all our strengths comes Maskproof, a brand I created, Simone Frosini, now in the fourth generation of hatters.

Through careful studies with our designers and artisans, we have created a practical and functional mask that meets all our customers' needs: safety, convenience, comfort and elegance.

Hatproof, contemporary tradition.

Maskproof has been a light of hope in a sea of uncertainty.

The support of our clients was so significant that we decided to found a new brand, one that would bear the indelible mark of Maskproof in its name.

Hatproof is the result of the historical values of Hatproof, combined with a new way of conceiving Made in Italy craftsmanship.

In a nutshell, it is what we like to call the Contemporary Tradition of the Handmade Hat.

How we work

Our values
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