Technical description

The Maskproof mask is the result of years of experience in the processing of first quality fabrics, combined with the highest standard of safety for our customers, guaranteed thanks to simple but luxurious elements.

Central seam

It shapes the shape and gives an impeccable fit, to ensure a smooth and dry skin even after prolonged use.

Adjustable elastic bands

The cylinders placed at both ends ensure that the rubber bands adapt to all types of faces, avoiding unpleasant ear discomfort.

Nasal underwire

8 cm long, it allows a total modeling of the mask without causing the classic redness or skin lesions on the nose and cheeks.

Internal pocket

Convenient and practical, designed for inserting the filter.

anti virus masks

Satin label

Monocolor logo printed on satin label, hand-sewn on the side.

Small details for a great performance, a mask functional but that does not neglect the taste.