mascherine anti virus
mascherine anti virus
mascherine anti virus
mascherine anti virus
mascherine anti virus

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Maskproof high-quality anti-virus protective mask, Made in Italy, washable and reusable. Made of soft sanforized reactive cotton with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, produced in Italy.

Hypoallergenic and breathable material, tested against itching, redness and irritation. It leaves the skin smooth and dry. Functional anti-fogging design for all types of glasses. Central seam that shapes the face for maximum protection and comfort. Also tested for extended use.

Adjustable elastic bands with a pin for the ears and shapable nose bridge wire. Perfect adherence, it does not cause discomfort for the nose and ears. Inner pocket to accommodate the approved and certified PM 2.5 filter (2 free!), to be changed every 7 days.

    With the purchase of each mask è included a package of 2 PM2.5 filters.

    To purchase additional PM2.5 filters click here.

    pm2.5 maskproof filter for pocket masks

    Eco-sustainable production

    THEOeko-Tex Standard 100 it's a certification system, carried out with a uniform protocol all over the world, applicable to textile products in all stages of processing, from raw material to final product.

    It promotes the eco-sustainable production, and for this reason it requires compliance with very strict criteria, far stricter than the standards set by the national law itself.

    The best standards

    THEOeko-Tex Standard 100 attests the absence of harmful and allergic substances in the product, the use of which therefore does not involve any risk to the health of the consumer.
    The certification requirements are updated every year, in line with medical and scientific progress, in order to guarantee the maximum control and safety.
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    Strict criteria for your safety

    The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification ensures that in the product there are no traces of substances prohibited by law, but not only: even the notoriously harmful substances, whose use is not yet regulated by state laws, must be absent in the product to obtain the certification.

    Our masks in fabric with filter pocket are comfortably washable a hand or washing machine:

    washing instructions for maskproof masks
    respect the environment dispose of the filters undifferentiated collection

    Maskproof® colored masks are suitable for use daily basis and multiple contexts. Their particular structure and composition ensures a protection effective in environments interior ed external.

    Maskproof® protects both from risks naturally airborne, such as i allergenic pollen, both by the threats caused from pollutionsuch us fine.

    Air pollution, in fact, is a dangerous conductor for old and new viruses: this means that adequate protection from pollutants also helps to promote breathing clean e healthy, protecting their own health and that of others.

    Maskproof® anti virus masks are also suitable for protection against smog present onwork environment (construction sites, maintenance works), and again from passive smoke, ash, exhaust gases and germs.

    Maskproof® is the perfect product for anyone living in city: try it on a scooter, by bike, when you stroll through the busy streets of the center: one better breathing improves the quality of your life!

    Our cloth mask is also ideal in journey: thanks to its design comfortable, Maskproof® guarantees a high screen in open and crowded environments, indoors, on public transport, without ever giving up the comfort of a fabric soft handmade.

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